January 4th

"Fired Earth" by A Work in Progress
"Distressed calendar Strips" by CW Picket


Rachel said...

HA HA !!! This is awesome... I love that date ticker at the bottom! I am going to have to whip that out so I don't have to buy one :)

Brenda Smith Designs said...

lol I am loving the ring. :)
My floors are such a pain. arggg We are going to replace them with carpet soon. I have to sweep and then damp mop with a dust mop every day. It is also pulling apart in some places because our floor is uneven.
Oh I did a few extras on the blossoms and butterflies kit for my new store. I am going to e-mail you the extras. :) Love your blinkie with it too.

Nicole said...

Ok, too cute.