January 6th

"primary grunge" by A Work in Progress
"distressed calendar strips" by CW Picket


Trish H. said...

my nephews LOVE bakugan... i dont get it.. but they like it LOL over the holiday they were teaching my 4 year old how to play.

virginiajen said...

Sweet sweet photo! I don't know what those are, my son is 4, so I am sure I will know soon! LOL Cool ribbon wrap!

digitreats said...

Your blog looks great Sarah! You really are taking this project 365 seriously with not only a picture but a layout a day!! LOVE IT!!
P.S. I drink a lot of coffee too, in fact I am totally in love with coffee!

SassyPixie said...

Love it! My son all of a sudden has this Bakugan obsession! I don't get it!

alerts said...

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